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Micro Kickboard Original Scooter

Micro Kickboard Original Scooter
Model KB0005

  Tükendi!    Stokta Olunca Haber Ver!

  • Hobi ve ulaşım amaçlı scooter
  • Yenilikçi üç tekerleği sayesinde kolay denge ve düzgün sürüş ve dönüşlerde rahat yanlara eğilebilme özelliği
  • Parlak alüminyum kasa
  • Güçlendirilmiş tahta ve fiberglass komposit ayak koyma yeri ile, sürüş esnasında sörf yapma hissi
  • Katlanabilir özelliği ile kolay muhafaza etme ve taşıma
Teknik özellikler 

- Tekerlekler : 12 cm / 10 cm

- Ayak koyma yeri boyu: 44 cm

- Maksimum taşıma kapasitesi: 100 Kg 


The Kickboard Original is the ultimate three-wheel ride. It features axle steering so riders can simply lean to steer - like a skateboard but with more control. With it's sophisticated folding mechanism, the Original is a great mode of transport; when you arrive at your destination, it offers the option of simply folding and carrying it. The patented sandwich deck, made of reinforced wood and fiberglass, provides a very smooth ride, even at high speeds. It stays upright when you hop off, making it easy to park, switch from riding to walking, and back again.  A durable classic for teens and adults, the Kickboard Original is great for urban commutes, college campuses or for keeping up with kids riding Mini or Maxi Kickboards. Now with interchangeable T-bar/Pilot Stick!  Quickly and conveniently convert your kickboard from the more "traditional" T-bar steering over to the Pilot Stick steering, which provides more of a skateboarding or longboarding feel. Please note, when you take this product out of its display box, it will arrive in "Pilot Stick mode."  The components needed to convert your handlebar over to a T-bar are included right inside the box with your scooter and instruction manual.  As aforementioned, switching from one handlebar style over to the other is quite easy! 



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